Posted on Jan 21, 2020

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#Smalldogs are curious, tender and delicate, it is considered that a dog is small when it weighs less than 10 kilos and its height is less than 30 centimeters tall, These are ideal for small spaces.

If you want one for your home we will tell you what are the smallest dog breeds in the world so you can decide on one of these little great friends.

#Chihuahuas, the kings of small dogs

Chihuahuas are considered the smallest #dogbreed in the world, standing less than 25 cm tall and generally weighing less than 2.7 kg. If they are trained well they can be loyal and affectionate friendly, however if I do not know they demand appropriate behavior they can be extremely jealous, unbearably barking and aggressive until they bite strangers. Although it is very tempting, do not have them raised all the time, as they need to exercise their muscles.

#Pekingese, The Little Giant

Pekingese dogs are quite small but they compensate for their size with their air of dignity and importance, they will be the favorite pet of the Chinese Imperial family.

They are small dogs good for indoors, not for the gardens, since their fur can be easily entangled between the plants with thorns, and is well known that flea and tick eggs are found in the grass, due to their thick fur is better to keep them away from these types of pests.

#YorkshireTerrier, The Little Hunter

Although extremely loyal and sweet, the Yorkshire Terrier were originally created to capture rats, so their skill as hunters..
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