Posted on Jan 27, 2020

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Did you know that your pet can also have social networks? 1 in 10 dogs in the world has Facebook, nowadays there is an audience for everything, particularly because communications through the Internet are fast and viral, so it is not strange that there are pets with more followers and Likes than famous actors.

If you have a cute and funny pet you will surely be considering the possibility of opening a social media account to publicize their skills and best moments, which we will tell you which are the best, so that your pet has an active social life.

Create a YouTube channel for your pet

In the same way that you can create a channel for you, you can create one for your pet and share its videos, preferably no longer than 3 minutes, since long-lasting videos are a bit complicated to upload, and you must take into account the coppa law so they would be not sanctioned. This media is used to make your pet more known among its human fans.

Facepets to find a partner

This is a very interesting social network or your pet, helps to share photos and look for new homes or even a couple for pedigree dogs.

Doggy talky

In this social network you can create a profile for your pet, you can even Start a conversation via chat with other pet owners, you can share photos and videos in addition to raising doubts and sharing experiences with other owners, it is quite interesting and moved.


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